Infrared Light Treatment

Infrared Light Therapy

Infrared light therapy is light at specific wavelengths, which is invisible to the naked eye. Infrared light therapy helps the body overcome injury, pain and inflammation. The injured cells absorb the infrared light energy. It uses that energy to enable quicker healing.

Infrared light therapy is extremely safe. Most patients do not physically feel much during a treatment. 

"WOW!  After that first treatment I could feel a difference!  My knee flexion felt smoother, and there was NO locking tension! Three treatments later my leg feels normal, even after stressing it pretty hard with a brisk 8 mile walk!  I believe this rapid "recovery" is totally due to the infrared treatments! … You surely have my vote to continue use of this modality…See ya after I spend some time on skies!  ~Deb

The Great and Powerful 'Oz' Has Spoken...about the benefits of Light Therapy on a  recent, February, 2012 episode.  Find out why he is promoting light therapy as an effective, nondrug modality for the relief of muscle and joint pain.